October 10, 2017 Asad Ali

What has taken VR down?

Virtual reality is an environment designed artificially in a way that user will divert its beliefs and consider it as a real environment. Multiple Softwares can be used for such an environment having Virtual Reality.

At the initial stage it was only experienced with the help of two senses; sight and sound with the advancement in technology VR devices are available in display screens and sound effects along with manual game controlling.


Mainly the expectations for VR are set by the movies and massive technologies. So the comprehensiveness of VR is one of the reasons that it is getting down as compare to its expectations because the game development is getting efficient day by day in the same way VR’s expectations are increasing simultaneously.

It’s really easy to use VR for static games but if there is a time for action games especially “First person shooting or Role playing games” which demands movements by the user which is less realistic and dangerous as well. User can be unbalanced, stuck in tether or have accidents with other things as well because VR goggles does not allow the player to see out of the box.

Is compelling a Reason of down fall?

Once new technology enters the market, it needs proper strategy to compel customers to take a hold on existing market. Marketing and publishing strategies can play a vital role for any of a new technology to compel and grab customers by diverting their mind.

There were rumors that Apple and Sony tried to make market for Virtual Reality. Both the companies were unable to meet the expensive budget for VR. Absence of vendors for Virtual reality was a strong argument to compel customers towards VR.

VR is not an affordable technology

When for the first time VR headsets were released those were too costly. On the other hand you need a game device for it as well which cost almost the same price for it separately. If someone wants to purchase these they have to pay double for a Virtual Reality which was even not complete and compelling to the customers.

As per its unaffordable price people avoid purchasing a single VR by double payment. It is one of the biggest reasons of VR falling.

Cost Validation

Cost validation is one of the most important key for any technology to get it more sales and make a market place for it. If you have to pay $5k for a VR and $1K for a quickly drop solution of it which is more as compare to the benefit you are taking by paying this huge amount.  As the cost of a technology is more than its solution and utilization. This cost controversy creates an issue of down fall for VR.

What’s next for VR?

It has been noticed that Microsoft is trying to launch a Microsoft Virtual Reality. So, here is a chance of developed future for Virtual Reality with the help of Microsoft affordable and compelling VR headsets releasing soon.

On the other hand HTC’s alliance with Vive to develop VR capitally is also in news. Vive’s Virtual Reality capital Alliance will work for wireless VR headsets and a perfect Virtual Reality market. Moreover, with the help of Vive’s VR users will be able to play best android games and developing spearheads will be able to develop some of the best indie games.

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