Founded in 2014 Galassia Studios is a UK based game development company operating globally. We are focusing our efforts on making quality games that can entertain all age groups. We are a team of experienced Project managers, developers and artists striving to become a leading force in the gaming industry.
We believe a game’s primary purpose is to entertain the user and that players enjoy challenges that reward risk taking. Gamification is playing a key role in expanding our user base as we believe addictive games have more to do with how the game engages with the player. We are successfully working on virtual reality and seeing a wide spectrum ahead of us to be explored.


To become a leading force in the mobile game industry through continuous excellence in creativity, industry astuteness, focused research on techniques and competitive edge to create more opportunities for internal and external stakeholders.


To serve our clients build, sustain and expand their product line which acts as medium of trust to their games users. We aim to focus on game design, level design and mechanics that rival the best in the industry.


Galassia Studios creates and publishes mobile games on the google play store and the Apple App Store independently and for clients. Our games integrate Ads as the primary monetization model and include In-App purchases to add revenue to the bottom line.

We have a dedicated team which focuses on games design, app visibility, rankings and trends which enables us to have a high rate of game publishing for our partners. We support our games after launch; providing a Game Life Cycle Management service to ensure that the product is performing as intended.

Employing professional project managers, developers and artists enables us to be on the forefront of Game Design, enhancing user retention and enacting sound monetization strategies.

Structuring our efforts around the F2P model, we view Social Interaction, Leader boards and Challenges in the games as never before. Our In-App products do no hinder the advance of the player; and is designed to generate more rewards for the player as he progresses.