Son Goku Epic Battle City Hero

Galassia Studios

You are not only the strongest and fittest martial arts hero fighter but also the best in driving a super saiyan car and chasing evil monsters of the dragon city. Get ready & hold on tight because you are about to face the craziest enemy of the dragon gang z. Take down majin by your super saiyan hero fighting skills throw some punches, do some flying kicks and show super saiyan kamehameha and other fighting skills to beat your enemy in the battle of hero z. Show some martial arts skills in the most exciting & action filled Son Goku Epic Battle City Hero 3D reto numérico game now! In addition to that, you also get to drive a super car around the city to chase with numerical challenge and precision to destroy enemy vehicles before the damage makes way to overseas stock market.

Drive a super fast saiyan car to chase down the criminals and terrorists of the city in the never ending battle. The criminals of the gang z have taken over the dragon city. Save the city in the ultimate ninja super saiyan 3D hero battle against the criminals of the dragon city. Play the super saiyan battle ninja game in new fighting styles. Drive the super fast super hero songoku car and fight against criminals of different gangsters and evils of the dragon city. The road is your super saiyan battle zone. Race, smash, fight & destroy the evil buu’s cars & save the residents of the dragon city and the overseas stock Chase down the villains of the dragon pit city and inflict pain. Win your battle against Freeza and become the super saiyan.

There is terror on the streets of the city because of the gangsters of the evil buu are roaming around freely. But goku ninja warrior does not fear them because goku saiyan trusts his fighting styles to inflict damage and his super saiyan snake io car. Goku is the person the residents of the dragon city trust on. So drive in your super saiyan car around the city fighting evil criminals self drive cars and that is what makes you the true superhero the residents of your vegas city. Unfortunately the crime rate has increased in the past few days which is why the superhero super saiyan goku is being called for into the snake io dragon pit. Super saiyan goku has worked day and night on his ninja impact martial arts skills and on his kamehameha to fight and kill the snake io enemy majin in the dragon pit.
There are plenty of action filled missions for you to keep you entertained and busy. Smash the super villains with your flying kicks and Kamehameha and defeat the evil terrorist, gangsters of dragon ninja z and criminals to win this last war z. Use your machine guns and rockets wisely and race as fast as you can to take down the evil enemy. Smash with ninja impact enemy cars if they come close to you and make runaway for the desperate enemy impossible. You have a fast super car and you have all the super powers. You trust your racing, fighting and driving skills and fear no one matter if it’s the evil terrorists, mafia gangsters or criminals escaped from jail. So go out, race, chase, smash & attack the enemy super cars. Destroy all of them to restore the peace of the city. The residents look up to you. It is your chance to shine like a star now in last war z. Be the ninja warrior hero your ninja impact to your people. With action filled lomake vegeta gameplay, shooting, racing, chasing, fighting, graphics and sound effects this game is a must play!

Features of Son Goku Epic Battle City Hero:
Transform to super saiyan for super powers
Flexible moves of martial arts
Easy controls and amazing battle environment