Super Hero Gangster Crime City

Sunstar Games

Enter the spider world & play as a strange alien age spiderweb legend hero, save civilian and take down the deadly criminals of extreme crime city in the heroic battles of gangster city survival flight free roam alien age endless fighting game. Swing, superjump and blow fly and use cat bomb & all your weird but true full combat corda ninja super powers as one of the super blast heroes of chaos special agent to combat the vice thug open car bandits of the vegas extreme miami crime city and defend and fight people as a special ops fearless fighter from the gangsters, gunfighters, mafia, war criminals, weed dealers and all the vice town thugs. As exciting as it gets, set in open city, Super Hero Gangster Miami Crime Survival City endless fighting game is an open world environment hero battle game which allows you to roam free as a legacy of superhero alien, fight people, use your super powers to rescue the civilians from the vice thug open car bandit war criminals and fight this full combat hero battle alone where all the rifleman & climb hero failed. With great power comes great responsibility, serve your day by saving people from the evil and defeating enemy terrorists and using your special ops superhero alien spider powers in this war rescue. Climb the buildings like a ropes hero & climb hero or fight hand to hand combat like a alien age corda ninja, swing and fly to survive like a spiderweb legend hero or do any thing with your commando counter attack in survival city using your ninja rope. You want to become one of children favorite combat modern galactic attack heroes of chaos this game has everything to keep you thrilled.

People of the miami crime city have been living under fear of deadly criminals, weed dealers and gangsters who fight people. They need super spider galactic warfare heroes of chaos, who could save them from the gangs of gunfighters with his ninja rope. Police and army have failed to control the vice town thugs and lower the rate of extreme crime rate. They need a weird but true vigilante in this battle of heroes of chaos and kill the terrorists in your war rescue. Fight with crime and put and end to this brutality. You have been performing your special ops duties for long time it’s time to put an end once and for all to this crime game. With all your mutant spider hero powers take down the vice gangsters who are using guns, cat bomb and hand grenades to fight people and ensure the safety for everyone by ending this crime game. Do not let them escape, keep the city safe and clean with the mess of gunfighters and kill the terrorists in this heroes battle. Roam free, fly to survive, rescue the citizens and chase down the bad guys.

Stunning 3D open world city environment
Fly and swing and use other superpowers
Amazing sound effects with realistic game physics
Exciting gameplay and different missions to complete