What is Game Reskin?

This is a process where the graphics of a premade game are changed entirely. Usually prospects see a game and want it in their portfolio with changed Icon, features or textures, this is where re-skinning is done. It is retaining the game source code while giving it a new skin so it can have a beautiful and exciting new look. Developers do not have to create a new game from the scratch.
There are many benefits of re-skinning premade game codes such as increasing the product line and its revenue, minimizing expenses and development costs and saving time. Re-skinning is a simple approach to increase on the number of games in the portfolio.
But knowing about the re-skinning of games, if you are into mobile game development you brainstorm and make sure the re-skinned game is of a unique identity and of a greater value. It is all about analyzing the market and ensuring to produce a high demand re-skinned game, and this endless list continues. As game development will be time taking, game re-skinning has done the rounds.

How we do it..

> Simply choose a desired game from our collection of reskinnabel games or from our Google Playstore accounts.
> After choosing the game tell us about the game and some more details you want to change in that game. Fill up the contact form< at the bottom of this page.
> We’ll get back to you within few ours. The price and other details will be discussed then.
> Upon the agreement we will keep you updated with the game’s progress during reskinning processes.


Sunstar Technologies idea of a thriller police car game blossomed into a hit and top revenue maker for the company. A quick action gameplay combined with scenic environments meant that the user got hooked onto it the first day it was released. The game has gone on to make 5M+ downloads on Google Play. The scope was not small enough to be taken it lightly and so Galassia Studios started working on a game millions could admire in the future.
Police Shooting Car Chase is a thriller action racing game game with realistic quality environment scene and game play. They developed this game from the scratch hence translating this idea into a beautifully crafted product. The purpose was to make player feel that he is sitting behind the wheel so he could play efficiently from a perfect gear shifting to a magnificent drift while shooting enemy. Game story, Level design, Implementation of 3D User Interface to Multiple car movements & effects, this game was a crucial project. It was built using Unity 3d as engine and C# at the backend for the coding.
After publishing it is successfully making hundreds of thousands in revenue, this game Police Shooting Car Chase was the best product to re-skin and that is what the client asked Glassia to do. Hence, after changing its graphics, title and description, it was launched as a new game making millions again. This is a best example of re-skinning of a game.


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