Turnkey Game Development

Galassia Studios creates and publishes mobile games on the google play store and the Apple App Store independently and for clients. Our primary focus is game design, app visibility, rankings ad trends which enables us to have a high rate of game publishing for our partners.


Having a team of 2D and 3D artists in mobile games development, we work on conceptual art, UI / UX designs, illustrations, animations, and any type of art that your game may require. We produce best game designs which the user requires. Vivid and fluid graphics and organic environments are mainly responsible for our games success globally.


Developing F2P 3D action, simulation, casual and strategy games in unity 3D has enhanced the horizon for the productivity and has let us experience further expansion in our product line and clientele. We provide turnkey game development services. Functionality, usability, reliability, performance and supportability are our primary focus in any game.


Employing professional Project managers, developers and artists enables us to be on the forefront of Gaming; enhancing user retention and enacting sound monetisation strategies for mobile games. It is of essential importance for us to increase the revenue through extensive research and analytics in mobile games monetisation.


Galassia Studios pursues its objectives by publishing cross platform mobile games under the F2P model. We specialize in serving start-ups and expanding businesses to increase the product line in highly cost effective rates through our ecosystem. We partner with multiple distribution channels to optimize the outreach of the mobile games.


We know what the market demands and we keenly follow the trends. User acquisition is of a key importance and we work on strategies to retain the users based on the reviews and continuous updating of the games. Feedback from our users enables us to deliver best mobile games in all aspects i.e. performance, functionality and usability.


To get more downloads you need to rank high. We have a team for App Store Optimization who not only identifies the keywords in the market trends but also ensure to improve the content time to time for higher rankings and that is the reason our games have been listed in the top charts every now and then on various channels/stores.


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