Galassia Studios

Starting up in 2014, Galassia Studios has never seen the dark; however the beam flickers sometimes just like the story of life. We have turned into a successful mobile games developer following our relentless efforts and vigorous instincts. Our mobile games have been played by more than 200 million users globally.

About us

Game Publishing and Development

Galassia Studios has a team of Product and Project Managers, Data Analysts and Marketing Executives who publish games based on their potential of being the next best hit in the mobile gaming space. Our dedicated development office builds our products and products for international clients.

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Company Culture

Galassia Studios started out as a tightly knitted team of dedicated individuals who wanted to excel in the mobile gaming space. 5 years later; our core team still remains; guiding executive decisions and operations. We’re proud to have mentored developers and artists of our local industry who have moved on to other companies. Our Alumni are looked upon as the best in the Industry.

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