About Us…

Incepting by 2014, Galassia Studios has never seen dark, however the beam flickered sometimes just like the story of life. Today with pride, we acknowledge that not only the Enterprise itself but we as a team have seen such dynamic growth by adding 100+ members to our guild and extending our foothold across three major continents: North America, Europe and Asia sitting at the heart of mainstream in Canada, United Kingdom and Pakistan with 6 main offices in such minimum time.

What We Do

Starting up with a minor venture, we have awesomely geared up into a Mobile Gaming Market following our relentless efforts and vigorous instincts. Our endeavor is to initiate in everything that technology begets in Games and differentiate in all ordinary and extraordinary advancement aims.
We are thankful for your interest in our Name! Stay tuned!


To never stop aspiring the future beyond THE NEXT: becoming a beacon for the fore-generations in the Technological premise with Novelty, Distinction, Industry Astuteness, Research Advancement and Incredibility in Progress by launching rising opportunities for Internal and External Stakeholders.


To cater to our Clients with prodigious product line in building, sustaining and expanding their allegiance towards the valued Users. We do not only intend to bring out seamless Game Design, Level Design and other Mechanics but set trend for our followers to compose their Way ahead.